122Make a difference!  Volunteer with SNAP! Our swimmers need partners and volunteers make that happen. Swimming with our special swimmers may just be the highlight of your week and change you forever, really! The relationships that are built between our volunteers and swimmers will last a lifetime. You’ll see the beauty each week and help you see the world through new lenses. We hope that you will take your new insights and bring them into your day to day life to help make our world a more inclusive and welcoming place for all people. On the practical side, the skills you learn at SNAP can help you in fields such as of healthcare, teaching, and communication.

2 New Helper Berkeley Application FALL17v2   2New Helper Application Palo Alto 2017-2018

NOTE: Next orientation and training will be Sunday, 1/28/18, 11:30-2:30 at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA. See you there!

You must be a good swimmer, have a playful side, and enjoy being with children.  SNAP helpers are expected to participate on a weekly basis for a minimum of 1 semester / quarter. Each swimmer has 1-2 volunteer helpers implementing his/her program. Helpers work directly with our swimmers, holding them, facilitating activities, helping our swimmers learn the next piece of the puzzle, and of course playing with them! It takes a bit to learn your swimmer and what to do, so consistency in participation is very important. Plus, your swimmer looks forward to seeing you each week!

We have leadership opportunities available as well. SNAP head instructors lead our classes, ensure the safety of our swimmers and staff, instruct or volunteers, and help create the magic that happens every week. SNAP Berkeley would like to thank all the UC Berkeley students, staff and community for contributing their time and energy to SNAP.

RobbieSNAP Palo Alto has partnered with   Kids With Dreams   at Stanford University and we are beyond grateful for their continued support.

Training is provided on an ongoing basis. If you have strong water skills and want to make a difference, we’ll show you what to do. We provide support each day you’re in the water as well as training workshops, peer to peer training, and other ways to learn. We know that it takes a while to get the hang of it all, so be patient with yourself.  As you become more experienced, more independent decision-making will be encouraged. We encourage you to ask questions, be safe, creative and playful, and have fun. Training consists of:

  • Orientation and training at the beginning of each semester
  • Water skills practice
  • Weekly instruction from our head instructors
  • Pairing up with a veteran helper and peer to peer support
  • Video library (in process of development)
  • Training packet and resources

Volunteer with SNAP and make a difference!


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